UPDATE: AG Hill refuses call for resignation

(Photo credit Attorney General Curtis Hill Facebook page)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.–(UPDATE) Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill stood before members of the media Monday at his Statehouse office and reiterated his position on the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

For Monday’s complete statement by Mr. Hill, click here.

(ORIGINAL) In an act of defiance against many state officials and lawmakers over the weekend, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says he will not resign from office despite having four women accuse him of sexual assault.

Here is part of Hill’s response to the charges:

I now stand falsely accused of some of the same crimes I spent 28 years prosecuting. Yet without a thorough investigation, without the right to face my accusers and review the evidence against me , I am convicted by public officials demanding my resignation. I believed that the standard in this country is that you are innocent until proven guilty.

I am not resigning. The allegations against me are vicious and false. At no time did I ever grab or touch anyone inappropriately. 

I demand an independent investigation by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, where my constitutional rights are respected and protected. Once the investigation is complete and I am exonerated, I would hope that my good name is properly restored with the same vigor with which it has been tarnished.

Hill’s entire statement can be read by clicking here.

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