City gives first approval for county garage rezoning


COLUMBUS, Ind.–Neighbors brought their concerns to the Columbus City Council meeting Tuesday evening as the body considered rezoning land purchased by the county to build a new highway garage on the east side of town. The county is requesting the land be changed from agriculture to public use.

Royal Way subdivision residents, on the east side of the proposed site, cited drainage problems in the area as their main point of contention against the project. They fear any activity on the garage property would push more water their way during major weather events. Among other concerns, safety was another factor in their hesitation as residents worried that heavy machinery next door might pose a threat to children playing in the area.

The county was unable to answer many of the concerns as no site plans have been drawn up for the facility but did promise to improve drainage conditions on the property.

In the end, the council agreed to approve the county’s rezoning request. A second vote on the measure will be taken at the next council meeting, scheduled for January 15.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the second reading of this rezoning request would go before the council on January 2. The article has been revised to reflect the correct date of January 15.

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