City evaluates upscale groomer’s plan

COLUMBUS, Ind. – At Wednesday’s meeting, the Columbus Plan Commission approved a continuance in the matter of Barkefellers, an upscale pet grooming, training, and boarding business seeking to build a facility on Jonathan Moore Pike (State Road 46W), in the Columbus Crossing planned unit development.

Barkefellers, a family-owned, Indianapolis-based business, operates several such facilities in Marion County. The business model features expansive indoor and outdoor play space for the animals and is billed as luxury pet accommodations.

Attorney Jeff Rocker, representing the family which owns and manages Barkefellers, stressed the favorable relations the company enjoys with neighbors at its existing locations.

City planning director Jeff Bergman influenced the commission’s vote, saying that a continuance would give the applicants a chance to address design issues to ensure that the facility would meet the criterion of being the most desirable use of land near the city’s front door.

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