City launches web-based train tracker


COLUMBUS, Ind.–The city of Columbus has launched a web-based train status page that will allow residents to determine if a train is approaching the intersection of State Roads 11 and 46. The technology behind the page was designed by Isaiah Bowman, a senior at Purdue Polytechnic Columbus.

Bowman began work on the notification system initially in August 2017 as part of a class tasked with the creation of a train notification system for Columbus. The class assisted city and county officials with the selection of detection cameras and tools that would allow a notification system to work reliably and is intended to allow users to choose alternate routes to reach their destinations when a train is detected.

A sample of the new SR 46/11 crossing tracker.

A sample of the new SR 46/11 crossing tracker.

The notification system is available by visiting Officials remind users to obey all traffic laws when accessing this site.


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