County council greenlights new highway garage


COLUMBUS, Ind.–The Bartholomew County Council approved a $6 million bond requested by the county commissioners for a new highway garage at its monthly meeting yesterday. The council commended the commissioners for revisiting the $8 million figure the two bodies had previously discussed. The commissioners pledged to try to keep bids below the $6 million mark.

Space has been at a premium at the current location for some time. The 66-year-old facility has mechanic’s bays built for single-axle trucks, whereas the county’s current fleet has tandem axles. Due to improvements to State Street, the property for the old garage has been reduced to five acres.

The size of the site proposed for the new building, on land near Petersville which is currently owned by the Solid Waste Management District, is over 11 acres.

Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz estimates that construction could begin next spring and that the crew could move in to the new facility during the second quarter of 2020.

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