CPD officer given commendation


COLUMBUS, Ind.–One of city’s finest was given a letter of commendation at Tuesday’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting despite refusing the recognition. Lt. Matt Harris, Public Relations Officer for the Columbus Police Department, says that officer Frank Dickman was receiving the acknowledgment after helping a two-year-old child that the patrolman found wandering around the family’s apartment complex earlier in the month.

When the mother was asked why no door alarms had been installed at the residence, she answered that she was waiting for her next paycheck in order to purchase them. Dickman’s supervisor later learned that the officer purchased the door alarms and delivered them to the mother himself.

CPD Chief Jonathan Rohde said he wanted to bring the officer before the Board of Public Works and Safety, but Dickman denied the request. Rohde commended Dickman at the meeting anyway.

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