Crashed plane had refueled twice in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Ind.–The airplane that crashed in Oldenburg on December 16, refueled twice that day at the Columbus Municipal Airport self-serve station. 

According to flight information, the Cessna 210 took off from Frederick, Maryland early Saturday morning, refueled in Columbus around noon, before continuing onto Kansas City, Missouri. The small aircraft, piloted by Dr. Louis Cantilena, 63, of Potomac, Maryland, refueled again in Columbus just after 8:30 p.m., during the return trip to Maryland. The plane crashed in Oldenburg around 9:10 p.m.

Airport director Brian Payne says that as standard protocol during an accident investigation, the FAA has ordered the airport to shutdown its self-serve station until its fuel supply can be ruled safe.

Earlier in the month, Payne had requested the Columbus City Council for an appropriation of funds to purchase additional fuel after an unexpected increase in air traffic and fuel sales. He says the fuel was about to be purchased this week to supply the airport for the remainder of 2017, but the FAA investigation will delay that until next week or the first week of 2018.

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