Cummins powers Saudi women behind wheel

(Photo credit Cummins)

(Photo credit Cummins)

SAUDI ARABIA–Cummins Powers Women is playing an important role in Saudi Arabia’s history by helping women learn to drive. The Cummins Community Involvement Teams (CITs) joined with Cummins distribution partner, Olayan, to hold three driver safety workshops at three locations within the country this month. Over 100 Saudi women participated in the workshops, learning the rules of the road using driving simulators.

CITs at Cummins serve as liaisons to their communities and are the primary onsite coordinators for community involvement initiatives. Cummins employees also provided guidance on the process for obtaining a license in Saudi Arabia. A life coach was available at the sessions, working with participants to overcome any fear they might have about driving.

Cummins Powers Women program is designed to create large-scale impact in the lives of women and girls globally. The company is investing more than $10 million in a range of programs, partnering with a network of global nonprofit organizations.

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