Deputies praised for fire rescue


COLUMBUS, Ind.–Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers commended two of his deputies for actions they took during an early Tuesday morning fire to save the residents of a home. Andrew Dougan and Robert Cooper responded to a reported structure fire in the area of County Road 7800E and County Road 475S. While en route, dispatch advised that two people were possibly still inside the home.

When Dougan and Cooper arrived they saw a large amount of smoke billowing from the front door. Resident Janet Pardieck had successfully evacuated the home but advised that her husband, Walter Pardieck, was still inside. The officers immediately entered the burning house, crawled through the living room but were initially unable to reach Pardieck because of flames and heavy smoke. They made another attempt, this time gaining access through the garage. Although they were unable to see Pardieck, they asked him to keep yelling so they could locate him. Eventually, the officers reached the victim and were able to get him to safety.

Both Pardiecks were treated for smoke inhalation but refused further treatment.

“Your BCSO deputies often work under stressful, high-risk conditions. Deputy Dougan and Deputy Cooper displayed the highest standards of excellence in public safety. I feel great knowing that these individuals are working for our agency and citizens should know how fortunate Bartholomew County is to have people like this serving and protecting them”, said Myers.

Elizabethtown fire units responded quickly and were able to get the blaze under control.

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