Former IUPUI-Columbus chancellor touts successes

nasser paydarINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The chancellor of IUPUI in Indianapolis, Nasser Paydar, says 92 percent of undergraduates from his campus are staying in Indiana to work. He added, the Welcoming Campus initiative is making students feel more welcome, more successful, and has increased graduation rates and community engagement.

“I think the reason IUPUI exists is to support businesses, support the state, support students that want to get an education right here at the heart of our state,” said Paydar. “So we are very focused on the needs of industry. We are working with them as we develop these new degree programs to meet their needs and the needs of the state of Indiana.”

Paydar says understanding the needs of businesses helps the institution bond with the community better and find in-demand, well-paying jobs for graduates.

Paydar served as the chancellor of IUPUI-Columbus for three years beginning in 2004.

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