Franklin man jailed on domestic battery charges


FRANKLIN, Ind.–A Franklin man is behind bars following a domestic altercation Sunday morning. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department says Joe Morones, 24, went to the home of his girlfriend where they got into an argument. She told deputies she suspected he was intoxicated. The sheriff’s department says the victim told them that the quarrel became physical and Morones began beating her with closed fists before attempting to strangle her, causing several bruises and lacerations.

Morones then fled to his sister’s home, allegedly telling his sister that he should have killed his girlfriend. Deputies say the suspect’s sister then relayed the threat to the girlfriend, who subsequently reported it to the sheriff’s department. Luckily, Greenwood police later arrested him on an unrelated offense, but the sheriff’s deputy added battery charges at the Johnson County Jail.

Morones was charged with domestic battery in the presence of a child, criminal confinement, criminal mischief, and strangulation.

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