Grateful Columbus family organizes blood drive


COLUMBUS, Ind.–A Columbus family is holding a blood drive on Thursday, May 10, at Donner Center, for the purpose of giving back to the community following a freak accident that nearly took their father’s life. Jillian Zilch is organizing the event after her dad, Jim Keller, severed an artery in his arm nearly a month ago when he fell from a step ladder while installing a light fixture in his home. The injury required 11 units of blood to be given during the course of his recovery.

Zilch says her dad has been a lifelong blood donor, passing on to her that habit of generosity. Since he has made a full recovery, the family wants to repay the community by having as many people as possible donate blood. The blood drive will not only replenish the units he used, but will also give other families a chance to save their loved ones.

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