Stability of holiday gas prices remains uncertain

gas pumpsCOLUMBUS, Ind. — Gas prices for the holidays are currently at the third lowest level in the past decade. The average price in Indiana is $2.18-per gallon, while the national average is slightly lower, at $2.15.

In central Indiana, gas in Franklin and Columbus is as low as $1.85 per gallon. In Seymour, prices range from $2.09 to $2.29 per gallon. Some locations near the interstate in Columbus are still charging as much as $2.29 per gallon.

However, analysts are skeptical prices will remain stable because of a recent deal to limit production was reached by OPEC. A significant amount of traders don’t believe the oil cartel can enforce the deal, so market prices remain volatile. Oil was trading at about seven percent higher at the opening of the market Wednesday.

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