Johnson Co. man falls victim to jury duty scam

COPYRIGHT - Samantha Craddock

FRANKLIN, Ind.–A Johnson County man fell victim to a scam that has resurfaced in the last week in the south-central Indiana area. The caller claimed to represent the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, telling the victim he had missed jury duty.

In order to avoid arrest, the victim was instructed to withdraw a total of $1,000 in Moneypak cards and send the card numbers to the alleged scammer. When that was accomplished, the victim was directed to visit the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. Once there, the sheriff’s office staff informed the man he had likely been the target of a fraud.

If you have had received similar calls, contact the sheriff’s office tip line at 317-346-4654. Even if you did fall victim and did not lose money, authorities say that reporting your experience can help others who could be contacted by these individuals.

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