UPDATED: Johnson Co. Sheriff warns of ‘deputy’ scammer


FRANKLIN, Ind.–The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office says their 911 Center received four phone calls Friday from residents who were contacted by scammers. The caller advises he is “Deputy Harper with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office” and you must pay money to avoid a warrant being issued for your arrest. A law enforcement agency will never call you on a warrant issue, and would never ask for money to keep you out of jail. The phone call appears like it is coming from a local phone number. If the number does not look familiar to you, do not answer the phone. Hang up on the caller immediately if you get one of these calls.

UPDATE: Sheriff Doug Cox reports that his office received calls throughout Monday from residents who had been contacted by “Deputy Harper.” If you have information regarding this scam, please call the sheriff’s tipline at 317-346-4654.

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