Traffic stop leads to resisting arrest charge


GREENWOOD, Ind.–A Marion County man was discovered to be driving with two suspended licenses from two different states early Wednesday evening. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office says that Thang Keeaung, 40, of Indianapolis, was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy on State Road 135, for driving without operable taillights. During the traffic stop, Keeaung presented the officer with both an expired and suspended New Jersey driver’s license, along with a suspended Indiana license.

The deputy said that Keeaung became upset and resisted orders to exit the vehicle after he was told he would not be able to continue to drive the car. He continued to argue with the officer and allegedly attempted to drive away despite several commands to put the car in park. Eventually, he yielded to law enforcement.

Keeaung was taken into custody, transported to Johnson County Jail, and booked for driving while suspended with prior convictions and resisting law enforcement.

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