North Vernon roundabout construction begins soon


NORTH VERNON, Ind.–The Indiana Department of Transportation recently reviewed plans for the soon to be built, west-end roundabout at the U.S. 50 bypass in North Vernon. Harry Maginity, INDOT Media Relations Director for Southeast Indiana, says construction will begin in early April at the U.S. 50/Walnut Street and C.R. 400W intersection, about two miles west of North Vernon.

Here is a timeline for the construction of the roundabout:

PHASE I: Build east half, shift traffic to westbound side of U.S. 50; close Walnut Street and C.R. 400W.

PHASE II: Construct west half, shift traffic to center of roadway; Walnut Street and C.R. 400W remain closed.

PHASE III: Build splitter and center islands, normalize U.S. 50 traffic pattern; Walnut Street and C.R. 400W remain closed.

PHASE IV: Construct west curb entrance, normal traffic pattern on U.S. 50 continues; Walnut Street and C.R. 400W reopen.

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