Off-roading ends with cuffs-on for Seymour pair


HAMILTON TWP., Ind.–A joyride through the fields of Jackson County on Monday turned out to be not-so-happy for two Seymour men. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says the owners of the property called law enforcement about the incident asking authorities to put an end to the adventure. The sheriff’s department says that Gregory Warner, 45, and Douglas Toborg, 47, were taking turns behind the wheel as they plowed through fields along County Road 400E. Deputies stopped the pair near 400E and 550N.

Warner was arrested without incident and charged with criminal mischief and criminal recklessness. Initially, his partner allegedly resisted authorities before he was subdued and taken into custody. Toborg was charged with driving with a suspended license, criminal mischief, criminal recklessness, driving while intoxicated, and resisting arrest resulting in an injury to an officer. They were both transported to Jackson County Jail.

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