Police warn residents of back tax scam

COPYRIGHT - Samantha Craddock

COPYRIGHT – Samantha Craddock

COLUMBUS, Ind.–Law enforcement is warning the public about a tax scam after a resident lost $6,000. Lt. Matt Harris of the Columbus Police Department says the caller told the victim they were behind on their taxes and would need to pay using gift and phone cards. Also, the scammers masked their number to appear as if it came from the CPD help desk, by using the number, 812-376-2600. Call your local police if you have been contacted by these impostors or by anyone attempting fraudulent activities.

The Columbus Police Department does not solicit payment for warrants over the telephone do not . They advise all residents to not make payments for warrants or back taxes in the form of gift cards, phone cards, or wire money after receiving an unsolicited phone call.  If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of any phone call or document, contact law enforcement.

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