Republican infrastructure plan heading to the senate

indianaINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana House has approved a long-term infrastructure funding plan. House Bill 1002 increases the gas tax by 10-cents, adds a $15 infrastructure fee to registrations, adds a $150 supplemental registration fee for electrical car owners, and requires the Indiana Department of Transportation to apply for a wavier to toll certain interstate highways from the Federal Highway Administration.

House minority leader Scott Pelath challenged the Republicans, “All it takes,” he said in a statement, “is the kind of courage that recognizes you do not have to inflict the largest tax increase in state history on the people who can least afford it. I remind you House Democrats advanced a plan that would have provided upwards of $800 to $900 million a year toward state and local roads without increasing a tax or raising a toll. House Republicans voted it down.”

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-88) countered “today’s passage of House Bill 1002 marks an important step and is the culmination of a six-year long process of determining our funding needs and the best options to meet those needs.”

The bill also increases taxes on special fuel, and increases the motor carrier surcharge and index fuel tax rates each year until 2024.

The measure now goes to the senate.

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