Sheriff warns residents of ‘Felony Lane Gang’


WHITE RIVER TWP., Ind.–Two incidents at Greenwood day care facilities have authorities warning the public to stay alert for suspicious activity. On Monday, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office received separate reports of two attempted car break-ins. In each instance, a maroon minivan pulled into a parking spot near the targeted vehicle, someone gets out and tries to break the front passenger window, returns to the van, and then leaves.

While investigating one report, an officer noted that a “window breaker” had been used after observing three small holes in the glass of the vehicle.

Sheriff Doug Cox says he believes this to be the work of the Felony Lane Gang, a group of criminals that travels the United States breaking into vehicles where women have left their purses inside. If you have seen similar activity, call the sheriff’s tip line at 317-346-4654.

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