Smoke spotted at Hamilton Ice Center

(Photo courtesy CFD)

(Photo courtesy CFD)

COLUMBUS, Ind.–Crews from the Columbus Fire Department (CFD) were called Wednesday afternoon to Hamilton Ice Center on 25th Street in Columbus after occupants in the building heard a loud noise and saw smoke in the facility’s basement. Public information officer Capt. Mike Wilson says that employees immediately sounded the fire alarm, evacuated the building, and disconnected the electricity to the ice center.

When CFD firefighters arrived at the electrical and mechanical room in the basement they began using a thermal imaging camera, which allowed them to rule out a fire. After inspecting the building’s equipment, they discovered a freon leak and smoke emanating from one of the ice rink’s compressors.

Ventilation fans were set up to pull the smoke and gas out of the basement. Investigators were on the scene for approximately four hours. At this time, the cause of the incident is undetermined. No injuries were reported.

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