Stolen handgun recovered during traffic stop

Barrett Finke

COLUMBUS, Ind.–A local man ended up behind bars after being stopped for an expired license plate by the Columbus Police Department early Tuesday morning. CPD’s public information officer Lt. Matt Harris says that Barrett Finke, 31, of Columbus, spoke with police during the stop and led them to the discovery of a handgun inside the vehicle.

After securing the weapon, investigators determined that it had been reported stolen in October 2014. When questioned, officers say Finke told them that he had purchased the gun online, unaware of its history. He was arrested and transported to Bartholomew County Jail, charged with possession of a firearm without a permit and receiving stolen property.

Police remind residents to securely lock up their guns. The majority of reported thefts occur because of unsecured vehicles and homes. Since 2016, there have been 183 firearms reported stolen in Columbus. “We urge all gun owners to be responsible and take common sense safety measures to ensure that firearms are properly secured at all times,” said Harris. He added, “Stolen firearms often end up in the hands of people who cannot legally possess them and are used in the commission of crimes against the public and law enforcement officers.”

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