Two awaiting court date for child neglect


WHITELAND, Ind.–The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office recently released information about an incident last month involving two adults who were supposed to be watching a girl in their care. Michael Tanner, 30, and Samanthia Thompson were discovered by the Whiteland Police Department at the Loves Travel Center Gas Station in Whiteland in various states of unconsciousness.

Police say they found Tanner on the ground, with his eyes rolled back into his head, taking short breaths. When law enforcement tried to revive him, Tanner allegedly started swinging at the officer and then attempted to flee. Police described Thompson as incoherent. The officer says he noticed a child’s car seat in the back of the couple’s vehicle and asked if they had a child with them. Thompson replied yes, but he supposedly could not locate the child. It was later learned that a customer had taken the girl inside the convenience store until help arrived.

Tanner and Thompson were transported to Johnson Memorial Health for treatment. The little girl was turned over to the Department of Child Services to spend the night, and then released to her father, Matthew Perkins.

Both suspects were charged with neglect of a dependent and now await trial.

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