USDA helps fund Westport water upgrades


WASHINGTON–The United States Department of Agriculture is investing $1.2 billion to help rebuild and improve rural water infrastructure for 936,000 rural Americans living in 46 states. The nearby Indiana town of Westport will receive $1,082,000 in loans, plus a grant for $2,552,000 from the program.

The investment from the USDA will assist in replacing the town’s water treatment plant, which is at the end of its useful life. It will also help fund distribution system improvements, install a new water main, make improvements to the elevated storage tank, make improvements to stabilize the water supply dam and replace water meters. Safer drinking water will protect the health of nearly 1,380 residents in rural Decatur County.

Westport will contribute $46,000 and Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs will contribute a $700,000 to the project.

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