About Us

Established in 1984, Reising Radio Partners serves the communities and enterprises of south central Indiana through its three radio stations:

  • QMIX – 107.3 FM
  • MOJO – 102.9 FM
  • KORN – 100.3 FM

Our vision is to be the most widely used media to transform every client’s endeavor into a great local brand and move traffic to either their website or their physical address. A small business’s most crucial and inescapable interest is to find and keep customers. Therefore, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve those two primary goals through their advertising messages. Small business people are industrious and deserve a chance at wealth creation and the opportunity to aspire to greater achievements. Whether business owners look to expand their enterprises, educate their children, or give their excess to local charities, Reising Radio Partners exists to accelerate our clients’ growth and prosperity.

Our mission is especially important to us and we take it to heart in our daily responsibilities and actions. Our mission is “To aggregate listeners and subscribers in order to educate them for the improvement of our communities and clients’ purposes.” In other words, we see our commitment is to both the businesses and organizations who entrust us with their resources, as well as to the communities in which we all live and want to prosper.

Our companies serve small business and we are thankful for the opportunity. We know the struggles and challenges of small business first hand and we understand the high value placed upon limited cash resources. Every expenditure and investment is an important decision that affects a business’s future. We can help you make the right decisions to drive your profitability.

Our Approach

Our three radio stations are consistently among the leaders in the markets we serve.

That said, as a business owner, you have plenty of other options when it comes investing your advertising and marketing dollars. So why work with Reising Radio Partners?

Our starting point for answering that question is the mantra we stated earlier: Nothing is more crucial to small business than to find and keep customers. To help you identify customers and then sustain their commitment to you, we emphasize the principle of “capacity in fact.” That is our way of saying that there are analytical and concrete ways to help you capture and retain clients. Advertising and salespeople alike can make exaggerated claims driven by the ambiguous qualities of creativity. But there are also fundamental, repeatable methodologies – that “capacity in fact” – that are known to drive results. We believe our mastery of those known strategies should always command our actions while, concurrently, stimulating creativity.


Our clients are strategic partners with a myriad of options for investing their marketing dollars. With modern media so fragmented, advertising expenditures must carry some assurance that the investment will produce results. Reising Radio Partners work tirelessly to deliver strategic differences to our clients. We see three factors that separate us from our competitors:

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Our Values

We believe that the core values of our organization should be what we live out in our professional and personal lives. They are not aspirational or what we hope to be; rather, they are what people must see daily in our words and actions.

  • We care. Granted, lots of people like to make this claim, but we are out to make a difference in the communities we serve and for the enterprises with whom we work. And we invite you to ask our long-standing clients how we back up our claim.
  • We commit. We are one team focused on increasing the power of our clients’ brands.
  • We deliver value. The exponential worth of our clients’ investment with us is paramount.
  • We challenge the status quo. We strive to continuously improve our systems and strategies in order to sustain client impact.
  • We develop lasting relationships. It’s not about this sale, this news story, or this interview. We are more relational than transactional, intentionally serving customers for life.
  • We are transcendent. We are part of something bigger; the best efforts of our team should have a lasting effect on our community.
  • We hold people accountable. We, our clients, and our suppliers are all responsible for creating value, so we work in lockstep to achieve our collective goals.
  • We take time for ourselves, our families and our communities. This is suppose to be fun. Take away the fun and all that is left is the work! What fun is that?
  • We are guided by the belief that “honest work lifts the whole world.” Enough said.

As well, there are four values that we, as the owners of Reising Radio Partners, personally hold as fundamental to how we live our lives and share our blessings.

  • Help the sick and poor With joy and gratitude, we give our financial resources as well as airtime to both Volunteers in Medicine and Love Chapel.
  • Help end dependence With a goal to help end the cycle of generational poverty, we volunteer and give airtime to Bartholomew County Works, whose mission is to “help motivated and capable people living in poverty achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment.”
  • Help children trapped in less fortunate families We support Turning Point, a safe haven for women and children fleeing abusive environments, and the Foundation For Youth.
  • Grow small business We believe small business people are driving the greatest engine for success and wealth creation in our country and we welcome opportunities to help all ships rise in the tide of economic growth.
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